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A selection of articles and editorials from sponsors and staff:

Entry Date:8/27/2008
Best Payday Loan Lenders: Accessing Payday Loan & Cash Advance Lenders: Generally speaking you can tell a lot about a payday lender by studying their contracts, location and policies. Bad lenders will have policies that allow clients to easily do things that are not necessarily in their best interests, but, do result in excessive fees and interest charges.

Entry Date:9/01/2008
Finding the Best Payday Loan Fees: An overview of fees and interest charges for cash advances and payday loans. Uses information gathered while doing the lender reviews.

Entry Date:9/07/2005
Military Payday Loans: Editorial: Targeting Miltary in Advertising & Store Locations: One of the complaints often heard about the Payday Loan Industry is its targeting of veterans and soldiers in advertising and locations. This is sort of like condemning Ford or GM for advertising at NASCAR and other auto racing events. It's just marketing 101!

Entry Date:10/01/2008
No Fax Payday Loans: An overview of no fax cash advances and payday loans that are fast, easy and hassle free! Most of these lenders are online or providing a phone service. Generally speaking this type of loan can be more costly than in-store and services that use fax for employee and other documents.

Entry Date:10/21/2008
Info on Using Savings Accounts: An overview of how to get a payday loan deposited in a savings Account. Answers why savings accounts are



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